Michael Zoffranieri | 2018 ZOFF Collection | Toronto Fashion Photography

ZOFF The Journey Gala 2018

(Toronto, ON) - February 5, 2018

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Toronto fashion designer Michael Zoffranieri presented the latest ZOFF collection through his exclusive gala event The Journey at the Four Seasons Hotel.   The Journey was inspired by Zoffranieri's grandmother and her emigration from Italy to Canada.

Zoffranieri, a Ryerson University graduate, was awarded the 2017 New Labels prize by Toronto Fashion Incubator.  At just 23 years old, Zoffranieri has been establishing his ZOFF brand with great detail and purposeful attention.

The Journey collection features elegant evening wear with ivory, black and amethyst coloured themes.  Soft french lace, silk wool and organza were primary elements in the designs.

Zoffranieri recounted his grandmother's appreciation for the simple things in life, including an affinity for the colour purple, one of the key design elements in the new collection. 



Beauties of Summer 2016 | Beauty Pageant | Toronto Event Photography

Beauties of Summer 2016


A Step in My Shoes | Fashion Runway Show | Toronto Event Photography


A Step in My Shoes


Get Ready For Summer Show | Red Carpet On Queen | Bikini Runway | Toronto Fashion Photography

April 10, 2016 (Toronto, ON)

Red Carpet on Queen Aesthetics hosted the annual Get Ready for Summer Show to showcase local talent and products and services offered by the esthetics business.  The show was held at the Peach Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

Produced by: Cidalia Lopes (RCQ owner)

Hosted by: Elsa Jacinto

Fitness Models & Speakers: Angela Argentina, Candice Rose, Juliana Arango, Nela Oliveira

Sponsors: Azores Airlines, Borges wine, Helena Helen crochet

Performers: Valter Barberini & Marisa Oliveira





Mass Exodus 2016 | Ryerson University | Toronto Fashion Photography

April 10, 2016 (Toronto, ON)

Ryerson University hosted Mass Exodus, featuring collections from student fashion designers.

Exhibit A featured designers:

Curtis Oland
Angela Leung
Kate v Robinson
Alexandra Armata
Nina Boschman
Ashley Schwartz
Ella Park
Stephanie Tjahjadi
Dark Alter
Mitchell Heyens
The NuStudio
Manuela Bartolomeo
Seven Sisters
Alec Hildebrand
Malika Jaii
Ardent by Kelsey Titmarsh
Ariane v Gagnon
The Art of Slow
Meg Ancheta
Woo Ram Kim