“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

“Picture Perfect”

“The Big Picture”

“Every Picture Tells a Story”

You’ve heard the phrases before. These common phrases describe the value and significance that an image embodies. The human ability to process a visual image into thought and emotion is immeasurable. Commercial advertisers, marketers, movie directors, television broadcasters, designers, news media and artists have reached global audiences through imagery that transcends language, age and location.

The right photograph will reach many people and speak for you. The right photographer will help you find your voice.

Captive Camera offers the experience, versatility and customer service that your projects demand.

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Toronto corporate photography

Toronto corporate photography


Business marketing is vital for customer outreach and acquisition, especially through internet and social media.

Promote business conferences, trade shows and sponsored events by documenting signage and audience participation.

Present brand activation to the public through influencers and social media.

Refresh and update corporate headshots and executive group photos for websites, social media and annual reports.

Document employees and business events to add to company archives and libraries.


Document the scale and impact of festivals by capturing highlights and audience participation.

Capture beloved family and friends at reunions, birthdays, communions, baptisms, surprise proposals, engagement parties and other special events.

Promote beauty pageants and delegates through glamour portraits and covering full event details including evening gown, swimsuit, talent and interview segments.

Dance photography requires an experienced eye to find the heightened moments of group and solo dance choreography.

Present polished and professional photos of fundraising and charity events to maximize donors and donations.

Toronto event photographer

Toronto event photographer

Toronto headshots photographer

Toronto headshots photographer


Refresh corporate headshots and executive group photos for websites, social media and annual reports.

It is vital to update headshots for actors, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, models and artists in the entertainment industry.

A professional headshot will make a significant difference on social media websites including Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Toronto Fashion Photographer

Toronto Fashion Photographer


Designers have one chance to make a bold fashion statement with look books of the latest designs and collections.

Editorials offer a creative opportunity to publish and promote fashion designers, wardrobe stylists, makeup artists, hairstylists and models.

There is no substitute for an experienced and professional runway show photographer.

Boost your online sales with quality catalogue photography.

Portfolio building is essential for modeling agencies with new faces and models in development.

Look your best with a glamour session that includes professional makeup and hair-styling artistry. Perfect for beauty pageant contestants and aspiring models.

Feel empowered and in control of your confidence with a boudoir photo shoot that will make a perfect gift or lasting impression.

Toronto Sports Photographer

Toronto Sports Photographer


Sports outlets and news media need reputable photographers to capture professional sporting events and submit photos for time sensitive publication.

Sports leagues require professional quality for team photos, tournament coverage and action shots to promote and recruit new membership.

Toronto music photographer

Toronto music photographer


Promote music festivals by documenting sponsors, performers and audience participation.

Capture the atmosphere and excitement of live music and concert performances for all genres from rock, indie, pop, hip hop, rap and jazz to country.

Publicists, promotors and music outlets recognize the value of band portraits to capture a certain look, era or concept.

A timeless album cover and singles release requires a creative team to execute a concept.

Toronto Celebrity Photographer

Toronto Celebrity Photographer


News and fashion outlets require an experienced eye to capture full length fashion, portrait and candid moments of celebrities on red carpet and special appearances.

A resourceful and efficient photographer is required to fulfill a quick and creative celebrity portrait in a narrow time window.